Steps to Building an Addition to a House

Steps to Building an Addition to a House

Are you planning to start a home addition project and looking for the right steps to follow so that your project can run smoothly? If so, continue reading this article as we’ll be discussing a few important steps that can help you in executing your home addition project successfully.

A home addition is a budget-friendly way of adding more space to your house such as by constructing a bathroom, kitchen, or backyard. The best part of home addition is that it allows you to stay in your current home rather than shifting to a larger house. Other benefits of home addition include cost saving, space creation, and an increase in the resale value of the house.

There are different types of home additions, depending on your budget, requirements, and the structure of your house. The project can be as small as adding a sunroom or as extensive and big as constructing a second story to your house.

Minor addition refers to the home addition in which you make small addition in your home. This type of addition is usually inexpensive and is completed in a shorter duration. Major addition refers to the home addition in which you make big changes to your home. It is a time-taking project and can be a bit expensive.

6 Steps to Building an Addition to a House

Below are a few steps that will help you in building an addition to a house:

Evaluate your Budget

It is always important to calculate the total budget of the project before starting it. Firstly, you will have to see how much money are you willing to spend on home addition and then define the scope of the project accordingly.

The budget calculation is done based on the project’s length and the type of addition you are looking for. For instance, the cost of the addition of a sunroom is much less than the construction of a second story.

This calculation proves vital during the project as you are aware of the expenses in advance and therefore can manage your finances accordingly during the project. However, it is just a forecast and there can be a few up and down in the real cost.

Formulate the Addition Plan

This includes making a general plan such as defining the project’s scope as it helps you in running the project more successfully. In this step, you will have to create the list of additions you want. The design of the addition that you are looking for is very crucial because it determines the look of your house. The plan also includes writing down the materials that you will need for the project. If you feel that your desired home additions are getting expensive, you can exclude some additions that you feel are secondary and can be compromised.
It is also important that you do not add too many things to your house otherwise it will start looking congested. The plan should also include the process of minimizing the disruption caused due to the work. If you opt for DIY, you should think thoroughly about how to decrease the construction noise and take appropriate measures so that other home members and neighbors do not face any sort of difficulty.

Get the Required Permits

The next most important step is getting the required permits from the concerned authorities. You must abide by the local laws and design your project according to the local rules and regulations. You cannot start a construction or home addition project unless you are granted permission from the relevant authorities.

Hire a Renovation Company

After getting the permits to start the project, the next crucial step is hiring a reliable renovation company. You can take help from your relatives or friends who have done the same project before. The best way to choose a company is to check its reputation in the market. When you are choosing a renovation company, it is important to consider the following aspects:
Charges: This includes the costs the renovation company charges for the project. It is best to choose a company that charges less but still provides good quality work.
Past Projects: The next important step is to see the past projects completed successfully by the company that you are considering. This will help you understand the standard and quality of the work that a particular contractor or company provides.

Professionalism: It is also important to hire a renovation company that is known for meeting deadlines because you would want all the mess caused by renovation to be cleaned as soon as possible. Therefore, always discuss the completion date and deadlines with the contractor before hiring to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings.

It is your responsibility to clearly communicate your home addition goals to the contractor; you must convey your ideas, vision, and the type of addition that you want. It is always recommended to sign a written agreement with the contractor where every important aspect is mentioned.

Work with the Contractor

Working with the contractor means that you do not leave everything on the contractor rather oversee the project yourself. This helps you to check the progress of the work. If you feel the pace of work is slower or if you find any irregularities during the project, you can communicate it immediately to the contractor. It is better to be aware of the basics of home addition so that you know how to identify the mistakes.

Clear the Worksite

It is also important to keep the work site clear so that there are no obstacles for the workers. This will help them work with more freedom which will certainly improve their output. This will also help you protect your valuables such as furniture, decoration sets, etc, from getting damaged during the work.

Which Home Addition is Best?

There is no hard and fast rule for which home addition is the best. What works for one person or family may or may not be suitable for you. You have to look at a few factors before deciding that what type of addition is best for you. Every house has its structure and similarly, every family has different requirements. If you have enough budget and you need more space then you may add another floor to your house. Similarly, if your budget is limited, you can just build a new room or may create a bump-out, depending on your requirements.


A home addition is a very important project that not only decides the look of your home but also adds space and value to it. There are different types of home additions such as adding a second story, turning patio into a living room, building a garage, etc. Some home additions can be pretty expensive while others are affordable so you need to evaluate your budget before deciding which addition you want. Moreover, you also need to follow some other steps that can help in running the project successfully.

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