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Second Story Additions – Your Ultimate Guide

You bought a small beautiful house to move in together, perfect for the two of you. But as the two of you grew together, your family grew too. And now the perfect house begins to feel a bit crowded. You require extra space for the growing kids. While Moving to a bigger home is always an option; however, selling the old one and buying a new one can be much complex, especially in the current situations. Moreover, leaving your beloved neighborhood and spending a year’s worth saving in buying a bigger house feels like a bit too much for the cause.

Things to take care of when adding a second story

On the other hand, sacrificing the beautiful lawn that you spend a lot of resources to beautify or the backyard to build a room or two is not a viable option at all. But then, somehow, you get the idea of a Second Story Addition, and it feels like all your problems have come to an end at last. But before making one of the most estimable settlements of your lifetime, you need more knowledge about the whole idea of getting a second story addition. In this article, we’ll go through all the things you need to know before making this decision.

Planning a second story addition:

Adding a second story to your home is definitely a clever home improvement scheme that may increase your old-fashioned footage and get your home twice as operative and fantastic. Nevertheless, it is a massive project that you don’t want to climb into carelessly. To ensure your house can easily carry this extension and make sense for you and your family, you first need to contact a home builder. Many Homebuilders are out there to choose from, but narrowing it down to the most thriving one. It’s the Best Home Addition Company in Toronto, an award-winning, reliable & quite affordable company to go for. However, you can choose anyone you deem worthy.

Assuring the second story is applicable

Not all houses are built while keeping in mind for future extensions, so before starting the project, you first need to find if it’s feasible or not for your home’s structure to support a second-story addition at all. Some houses are not made to support a second story due to their solitary design, the ground support, etcetera. However, some places can be improvised by making a few changes in structural work, which may be a bit more expensive. For certainty, you may need to contact your home builder to get a quick review of your house’s structure.

Assuring a second story is allowed in your area.

After assuring the structure capabilities, It’s also crucial to make sure your local government allows the second story in your living area. In some areas, it’s not permitted to build a house taller than the limited height. Builders like Partex will do the fundamental research for you, and handle the whole grant process by themselves, so you won’t have to worry about it.

Assuring the total cost

To be honest, adding a full second story can be a bit costly, and only a division of the investment is likely to be drawn back if sold in the future. The costs are high because of the essential requirements (Plumbing, Framing, Electrical, and HVAC system), much like building a new home. Nevertheless, The Cost will be worth it if the result meets your expectations. It’s important not to max out your funds with the initial assessment and always to have some extra to manage the project in case of an unexpected problem efficiently. Home Addition Services like Partex will help you calculate how much you can afford, what needs to be changed, what can be kept, and what features will improve the property’s value.

Is Partial second story an option?

Assuming the partial addition like adding a bedroom or a bathroom may cut the expense in half, it may not be accurate. Because most of the budget is spent on getting an architect’s drawings, adding the support for the second story, changing the plumbing and electrical layout, adding a new roof, and a few more items. These costs are almost the same as building a whole story. Sure, partial builds cost less than complete builds, but the additional square footage of a full second story may not cost that much more. So, it’s more sensible to add an entire second story to maximize the plan’s usefulness.

Identify Features that add extra value.

It’s Noteworthy that this project will add value to both; your life and your home. So, what else to include on the second story other than a bedroom and a bathroom? It’s more thoughtful to discuss this with a real estate agent or with your builder; they will help identify features that are more likely to earn you extra value to your house and beautify the overall scene. To be discussed with a real estate agent or your builder. For example, adding a second-floor laundry room, a media room, or another space will significantly increase the attractiveness and attract more potential bidding on your house if you decide to sell it.

Wise home builders like Partex help discover and identify needful features in the planning process and show you a portfolio of projects for inspiration and reasoning about what kind of spaces would make your daily life more convenient and relaxed.

Other Important Points and expenses to consider:

When adding a second story, your roof will need to be removed. Though, replacing the roof depends on your particular house and the overall planned design of the second floor. It’s also possible that builders may be handy enough to separate the top with the help of a crane and add it back onto the second-floor structure once it has been erected. It’s a practical strategy to save high costs on demolishing and constructing a new one.

It would be best if you also considered living elsewhere when the building process starts. Living in while construction can be hazardous and hazardous to everyone and may delay the completion of the project.

It’s best for your safety and efficiency of the project to plan a temporary moving out, perhaps in a rental space or hotel, until the project is complete.

It’s wise to consider the cost and place you’ll have to stay until the completion of the project before you get too deep into the planning process. Don’t forget, depending on your system, you may also have to store your furniture, which is an additional expense.


  1. You get some extra living space
  2. You can redesign your home (almost at the same expense)
  3. Adds more value to your property
  4. No need to sacrifice the lawn, backyard, or garage.
  5. Comfort Zone: No need to leave the beloved neighborhood
  6. Easier to keep things and furniture in order.
  7. Modernize the overall look
  8. May rent it out to make some extra cash


  1. A considerable budget is needed
  2. May not recover all of the investment when sold in future
  3. May get fined if building codes and permits are not followed.

Final Thoughts:

Second Story Addition is an ultimate solution if you require additional living space without leaving the neighborhood or infringing the yard space, or spending a massive amount on a bigger house. In that case, Second Story Addition is the only solution you should look forward to. However, you need to hire a reliable and experienced Home Builder for the job who’s knowledgeable and skillful in his profession (Builders Like Partex, etcetera). A professional builder will help you accurately map out the costs, advantages and drawbacks, and everything about the whole project and ESTABLISH A SECOND STORY just as you desire.

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