Because we are design-builders and very familiar with the creative cycle, we can interpret a draft so that the spirit of the design is respected and brought to life. We respect our clients’ wishes and the architect’s blueprints, so that the owners’ vision is realized. Our understanding of design allows us to anticipate the issues that commonly arise, so that your project will have a built-in safety net.

We can execute any design style. We have expertise in heritage materials as well as modern, cutting-edge technologies. We are often asked to provide pre-purchase consultation, pre-construction planning, estimating, scheduling, costing and construction management services. All of these skills, in addition to over three decades of experience, make ParTex Construction Services a wise choice for discerning homeowners.

Checking builders’ references is your best defence against a negative experience with your project. Most major mistakes are made in the early stages, either by selecting the wrong builder, or by approving a budget that is too low to meet realistic expectations for design, fit, quality, and increased market value. As a design builder with a solid fivestar rating with many online services (Trustedpros.ca, Houzz.com, etc.,) we enjoy an excellent reputation with our customers and we would be pleased to share our references.